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Handsome Brook Farms’ First Climate-Smart Organic Egg Project

Handsome Brook Farms’ First Climate-Smart Organic Egg Project

On a cold, early spring morning in the Fingerlakes region of New York, Clinton Sauder’s new farm is just days away from receiving their first flock of Handsome Brook Farms layer hens. 

"I found out about Handsome Brook Farms through word of mouth," shares Clinton. “A friend of mine has a barn with Handsome Brook. I basically copied his barn layout here for mine."

Walking the nearly completed barn, Clinton recognizes all the components that make up his new, highly efficient barn.

"We've had chickens before, but just our own little flock,” Clinton admits. “Nothing like this." 



Clinton's new farm venture takes on added significance as he becomes the first recipient of Handsome Brook Farms' Climate-Smart Organic Egg Project grant. With this financial and technical support, his barn is poised to become a model of efficiency within his tight-knit Old-Order Mennonite farming community.

"I'm really impressed with these ventilation fans," Clinton remarks. "They have a magnetic drive motor, which will know when to kick on and off based on the controller and have variable speeds to move the air in and out of the barn depending on the circumstances."



Effective ventilation is crucial for creating a climate-smart farming environment. Advanced ventilation systems, like those in Clinton’s new barn, regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality, ensuring optimal conditions for the hens while reducing energy usage. These systems enhance bird health by minimizing airborne contaminants and disease and improving energy efficiency. By adopting these innovative technologies, Handsome Brook Farms is setting a standard for sustainable, efficient egg production, benefiting both farmers and the environment.

These innovative features not only enhance Clinton's farm but also highlight Handsome Brook Farms' commitment to its growers. Through the Climate Smart Organic Egg Project, Handsome Brook Farms provides support for advanced technology and resources like improved in-barn ventilation, solar panels, and pasture enhancements. 



In addition to advanced ventilation systems, through the Climate Smart Organic Egg Project, Clinton’s new barn will be equipped with solar panels. These solar panels will provide a renewable energy source, significantly reducing the farm's reliance on non-renewable power and lowering long-term energy costs. By harnessing solar energy, Clinton’s farm will operate more sustainably and will increase its resilience to fluctuating energy prices. 

Through the Climate Smart Organic Egg Project, Handsome Brook Farms empowers farmers like Clinton to succeed in a changing agricultural landscape.


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