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Why Handsome Brook Farms?

Handsome Brook Farms is proud to be a certified B Corp™, dedicated to balancing purpose and profit while considering the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

We are dedicated to acting handsomely in all that we do – from treating farmers, animals, and land with the utmost respect, to helping consumers access a clean, responsibly-raised source of protein that they know they can trust – from coop to carton.

Third-party verification through the USDA Organic Program, as well as American Humane and Certified Humane Farm Animal Care, ensures consumers receive eggs laid by hens with access to pasture, fresh forage, and organic feed.

At a time when farmers face natural disasters intensified by climate change, Handsome Brook Farms is supporting climate-resilient regenerative agriculture research by investing in evidence-based farming practices and long-term regenerative agriculture monitoring through a USDA grant projects.

In 2023, Handsome Brook Farms announced the official launch of the Climate Smart Organic Egg Project, an innovative initiative made possible through a USDA Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities grant. The project aims to reshape the future of sustainable agriculture and address climate challenges inherent to organic egg production. You will have the opportunity to participate in this project, and receive incentives for climate-smart farming practices.

We provide an outstanding level of support through field staff, learn more about how we can support you