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Protecting Animal Welfare: Handsome Brook Farms Opposes the EATS Act

Protecting Animal Welfare: Handsome Brook Farms Opposes the EATS Act

In the ongoing discussions surrounding the 2024 Farm Bill, the proposed inclusion of the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act has ignited considerable debate and concern. This legislation, introduced as H.R. 4417/S. 2019, threatens to erode states' authority to enact laws safeguarding agricultural practices, particularly those aimed at protecting farmed animals from cruelty and exploitation.

The EATS Act seeks to strip states and localities of their power to establish standards or conditions on the production or manufacturing of agricultural products sold or offered for sale in interstate commerce if those standards deviate from federal law or the laws of other states. If enacted, this Act could dismantle years of progress in advancing humane reforms for farmed animals, potentially compromising laws that address issues such as intensive confinement in factory farming systems and promoting food safety and environmental preservation. The bill has drawn fierce opposition from numerous advocacy groups.



As advocates for humane and sustainable farming practices, Handsome Brook Farms unequivocally opposes the EATS Act and its potential repercussions for animal welfare. At Handsome Brook Farms, we prioritize the welfare of our animals above all else. Our pasture-raised layer hen systems are designed to ensure the health and happiness of our hens. Through providing ample space for roaming and foraging, access to fresh air and sunlight, and a diet rich in organic nutrients, we are committed to ensuring that our hens lead fulfilling lives, free from stress.

The EATS Act represents a backward step in our collective efforts to champion humane and sustainable farming practices. By preempting state and local regulations aimed at safeguarding animal welfare, this legislation threatens to undermine the progress we have made in raising awareness and implementing responsible farming methods.



Moreover, recent developments in organic livestock requirements for layer hens, such as the Organic Livestock and Poultry Standards (OLPS) final rule, underscore the importance of upholding stringent standards for animal welfare. Handsome Brook Farms stands committed to meeting and exceeding these standards, ensuring that our hens continue to enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

As leaders in the industry, Handsome Brook Farms stands in solidarity with like-minded organizations and individuals in opposition to the EATS Act.

We urge our colleagues and partners to unite with us in advocating for the exclusion of this detrimental provision from the final iteration of the Farm Bill.


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