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We’re now a B Corp! But what does that mean?

We’re now a B Corp! But what does that mean?

Socially and environmentally conscious, day in and day out.

It’s only the beginning.

Today, our team at Handsome Brook Farms is thrilled to announce that we’ve officially achieved Certified B Corp status! 

So, what does that mean, you ask? Well, Certified B Corps are vetted, socially-conscious companies that have been proven to balance purpose and profit (think of some of your fav responsible brands, from  Patagonia to Ben & Jerry's!). This means that our business decisions are not only financial, but that they carefully take into consideration things like the well-being of our workforce, supply chain, consumers, and — of course — the environment at large. 

While the B Corp™ status is a pretty huge milestone for us (and validates all of the thoughtful decisions we’ve made over the past 14 years!) we know that it’s important to look at this as a jumping-off point rather than an end goal — especially when it comes to sustainability. 

How do we do that? With more goals, of course!  That’s why, along with our B Corp™ announcement, we’re sharing  a series of new rigorous outcome-based sustainability commitments that focus on three core areas: Regenerative Farms (making sure all of our partner farms are following regenerative ag practices!), Responsible Operations (for example: 100% sustainable packaging!), and Thriving Communities (reducing greenhouse gas emissions!). Our goal is to achieve these by 2027 - so let the countdown begin! 

And, perhaps most importantly, it wouldn’t be fair to set these goals without guiding our network of 100+ independent farmers to achieve them. Our new Pasture Improvement Cost Share Program does just that. Simply put, this is financial support that will be offered to our farmers so that they can implement the new technology, infrastructure and/or planting materials that best helps them meet these new sustainability goals. We know every farm is different, and creating a one-size-fits all approach would not only be insensitive, but ineffective. This gets to the bottom of what they really need to drive impact and supports them based on their unique needs—from securing gutters to growing shrubs.   

As always, we’ll continue to make in-kind egg donations to 501(c)3 nonprofits like City Harvest and cash donations to mission-aligned NGOs like Soul Fire Farm, Black Soil, and Main Street Project — all part of what helped us achieve this important goal in the first place!

We’re so proud to join the ranks of brands helping to make this world a better place. Our sincere hope is that by treating this B CorpCertification as an incentive to continue improving (rather than a finish line), we’ll set an important example for those to come. That’s the Handsome way! 


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