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Spreading the love (and eggs) this holiday season

Spreading the love (and eggs) this holiday season

Astoria Fridge at Astoria Fridge 8-01 Astoria Boulevard. Follow them @astoriafridge. 

Making fresh eggs accessible in tough times

As far as years go, this one was … rough. (And as far as understatements go, that one takes the cake). Even so, we here at HBF can count ourselves amongst the lucky. Our team has grown closer as we’ve learned and grown together in the face of hardship.

That’s why we know it’s important, now more than ever, to spread the love.
(And, by love, we of course mean eggs.)

This year, in addition to our regular donations to City Harvest and Hunger Free Bayonne, we decided to tap into smaller communities by  donating cartons of pasture-raised organic eggs to New York City’s 's Barrio Fridges in the Heights, the Bronx, Fort Greene, Astoria, and East Harlem. As a company headquartered in NYC, doing our part to provide nourishing, sustainable, and high-quality options to our neighbors has been and will continue to be a big priority. Being a small part of stocking these fridges and spreading the word about the amazing community of organizers, artists, and regulars behind them has been a great  source of inspiration and motivation for all of us. 

We know that 2021 won’t flip any magic switch, and that hundreds of thousands of individuals will continue to struggle at the hands of this pandemic. That’s why here at HBF, we’re committed to finding new and meaningful ways to support those living in the communities that have allowed us to thrive.

Happy holidays from the Handsome team, and an eggnog-filled cheers to brighter times ahead.

Fort Greene Fridge at 357 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn. Follow them @fgcommunityfridge

Bronx Fridge at 5977 Broadway, The Bronx. Follow them @thefriendlyfridgebrx

Barrio Fridge at 339 E 108th Street, New York. Follow them @thebarriofridge

The Heights Fridge at 461 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn. Follow them @theheightsfriendlyfridge

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