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Secrets to the Soft-Boiled Egg

Secrets to the Soft-Boiled Egg

Jamminess awaits

What’s ovalesque, can hold its breath for 6.5 minutes and loves a good ice bath? 

That’s right, folks. Today is the day we tackle the perfect jammy soft-boiled egg. 

Long-believed to be the elusive cousin of the perfectly stiff egg white peak, it turns out the secret to this on-the-go delicacy lies in little more than some precise timing, quick cooling (and a little bit of luck). We’re big fans of this guide from Bon App, which clocks cooking-time in at an exact 6.5 minutes immediately followed by a two minute ice bath. 

And while we’re all for the ease of a 3-step recipe, there are a couple of variables to keep in mind. For example: The Spruce Eats recommends all factors — from the type of water you’re using to the size of your eggs — remain exactly the same to ensure a consistent result.

If, however, this know-how still doesn’t leave you feeling satisfied, there are some alternate routes that might be worth exploring. Have an Instant Pot on hand? This tip from The Kitchn might be for you. And if the 6.5 minute method comes up short, Cooks Illustrated actually recommends steaming your eggs in ½ inch of water, covering, and cooking for a slightly more lengthy 8 minutes to help counter variables like stove temperature and your pan’s level of heat retention.

All in all, while you’re likely in for a small bit of experimentation, the good news is that — once you find what works — you can stick to it for more consistent results!    

Once you’ve mastered the ideal degree of jamminess, it’s time to try out some toppings. From kimchi and harissa, to mustard and hummus, to everything-but-the-bagel and furikake seasoning — there are no shortage of flavor options with which to play. 

We’d love to see what you create, so tag us on Instagram with your creative soft-boiled creations at @handsomebrookfarms. Time to get crackin’ (ehrm, well, peelin’ ;)). 

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