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Q & Egg with Sydney Yorkshire of @whatcouldbebutter

Q & Egg with Sydney Yorkshire of @whatcouldbebutter

Chatting all things eggs with the @egg.salad.sando founder


Whether you know Sydney Yorkshire from her years of experience in the restaurant scene consulting for some of your favorite spots, or from her popular Instagram (@whatcouldbebutter), there’s no denying that when it comes to food — Sydney knows her stuff. That’s why, when she decided to launch an egg salad sandwich pop-up earlier this year (@egg.salad.sando), we knew it was bound to be a hit. Sure enough, Sydney’s sandwiches — an artful combination of milk bread, Kewpie mayo, and Handsome Brook Farms eggs (of course) — quickly became must-have launch fare in the Los Angeles area. Now, we’re sitting down with Sydney to talk all things eggs (and beyond!) — from her earliest egg memories to her go-to omelette addition. 

Where did you grow up?

Toluca Lake in Los Angeles, CA

Do you remember your first egg? (If not, your most memorable egg?)  

My first memories of eggs were definitely cooked by my mom. Spam, eggs and rice was always (and still is!) a staple, and she also made a mean ham and cheese omelette.

Favorite music to listen (/dance) to while cooking? 

The Rolling Stones or Miley Cyrus on repeat.

Do you have any sustainability hacks to share? 

Whenever I forget a reusable bag at the market and need to take home a paper bag, I always use it as a trash bag while cooking that night. It recycles the bag AND it's an easy clean-up that doesn't make the actual trash bag smell gross.

What is a little known fact about making egg salad sandwiches that you wish others knew? 

This won't come as a surprise, but boiling and peeling 100 eggs is no easy feat. 

Any unique ways to use egg salad that you’ve discovered on your journey? 

Tons of people already do this, but eating egg salad as an open-faced sandwich or as a scoop with a piece of toast or crackers is just as good. A scoop of egg salad and a scoop of tuna reminds me of growing up going to Jewish delis. That with a bowl of matzo ball soup is ideal.

Must-have omelette addition? 



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