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Q & Egg with Molly Adams from the feedfeed

Q & Egg with Molly Adams from the feedfeed

Parmesan Polenta With Fried Eggs, Spicy Sausage, And Broccoli Rabe by Molly Adams

On her love of a good fish spatula and why she might have been a lobsterman in a former life

If you’ve never heard of the feedfeed, you may be about to lose the next two hours of your life. That’s because it’s impossible not to get completely drawn into this (literal) feast for your eyes. Mouthwatering videos and images feature everything from oozing lava cakes and decadent cheese pulls to egg recipes for days (cue: Parmesan Polenta With Fried (Handsome) Eggs, Spicy Sausage, And Broccoli Rabe. You are welcome!) . Their Instagram accounts takes things even one step further, offering dedicated pages for indulgences like baking, cocktails, chocolate, and so much more. One of the masterminds behind the site is Molly Adams, Senior Food Editor, whose own Instagram account is filled with alluring recipes and adorable cooking content with her son (and future chef?), Charlie. We took some time to get to know  Molly a bit and chat with her about her favorite recipes, go-to kitchen tools, and what she does to wind down. 

Where did you grow up? What is the #1 best thing about it? (& the #1 worst thing?)

I grew up in Western Massachusetts. The best part about it is the wide open space, quiet and beautiful landscape. The worst part about it is that the food scene leaves a little to be desired. 

Do you remember your first egg? (If not, your most memorable egg?)

I can’t say I remember my very first egg, but my mom is somewhat of a breakfast sandwich master.  She frys her eggs in bacon fat, and no one can be mad about that!

Morning routine? 

My son Charlie and I snuggle in bed — him with a cup of milk, and myself with a cup of coffee!

Favorite breakfast spot or diner? Order?

Now that I’m in the burbs (and we are in a pandemic!), this answer has changed a little! Roost in Darien and Stamford has awesome coffee and some pretty epic breakfast sandwiches. My current favorite is the breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, potatoes and chorizo. 

If you could be a farm animal for a day, which one would you be? Why? 

A HBF hen because they are living their best lives! But I think I would actually want to be a pig. I’m a child of the 80s and 90s, and Babe and Charlotte’s Web set me up for a lifetime love of piglets. 

Your go-to nature happy place? 

The beach in West Falmouth, MA — preferably around sunset with a glass of Rosé or IPA in hand. 

Favorite music to listen (or dance) to while cooking?

Right now I would say Maggie Rogers, Van Morrison, Chance the Rapper and the Moana Soundtrack. We listen to a diverse mix of music in this household!

Favorite cookbook? 

Oof, this is a REAL tricky one. I love the classic Barefoot Contessa Books and Alice Waters’ “The Art of Simple Food” is very well-loved in this house. But right now, the cookbook that is sparking the most joy would be Odette William’s “Simple Cake”, because, well, we could all use more cake in 2020. 

Favorite home kitchen tool?

Fish Spatula! Perfect for flipping eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese and fish.

Dinner that takes you less than 15 mins to make? 

Fried rice is pretty big around here. I scramble in some Handsome Brook Farms eggs, and I also top it with a fried egg and throw in whatever vegetables I happen to have laying around. 

Must have omelette addition? 

Cheese, duh.

Kiss, Marry, Kill: Basil, Cilantro, Rosemary  

Hmm. Kiss Cilantro. Marry Basil (so reliable!). Kill Rosemary. Nothing against rosemary, really, but my least favorite herb here. 

Who/what were you in a past life? 

A lobsterman. A girl can dream

A word you use way too often? 

How about a phrase? “Is that a good choice?”. I have a very ‘spirited’ toddler :) 

Molly’s Plate 

Your breakfast: Scrambled, Sunny Side, Poached

Sunny Side

Your state of mind: Scrambled, Sunny Side, Poached

Sunny Side

Which is your favorite?: Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast 


How do you take your coffee? 
Strong! With milk and nooooo sugar, please. 


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