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Handsome Brook Farms is proud to exclusively use a hybrid carton for our primary branded product, which is made up of a combination of molded pulp and paperboard. The package adds to our foundational pillars of sustainability by giving the consumer a range of responsible choices after use. Handsome Brook Farms’ half dozen and one dozen egg cartons can be recycled, fully composted, or used as biodegradable vessels for planting seedlings. And that’s Handsome. 

Our paperboard tops also allow us the printing capacity to articulate what we stand for as a brand and to show and tell our consumer what Handsome really stands for: humane and sustainable practices enabled by pasture-raised, organic farming. Our package is designed to rise above confusing claims and nods to the belief that the future of animal and land husbandry is bright with vibrant colors reflective of the green pastures, blue skies, and bright yellow sunshine of a new tomorrow.  

Small Farms, Big Hearts, Brighter Future