Handsome Brook Hack-a-Fact!

Handsome Brook Hack-a-Fact!

5 Egg Hacks and 5 Egg Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

There are a million and one egg hacks and facts floating around on the internet. As we pride ourselves on being egg connoisseurs (it is our business, after all), we think these are the best of the bunch. 

Hack 1: The microwave is your friend.  Sure, you can scramble eggs in it… but that’s not that impressive. The real win is with poached eggs. Simply fill a glass halfway with water, crack in your egg, cover the glass with a plate and microwave for a minute. You’ll be done so fast you won’t even have time to toast your bread and slice your avocado. Check out recipe and you’ll never see your microwave the same way again. 

Fact 1: You might know that you can tell an egg’s freshness by floating it in water (if it floats, it’s old). But the real test is when you crack it: a fresher egg will have a tighter white (it won’t run all over your pan) and the yolk should stand tall and orange-yellow and shouldn’t easily break. But while the looks will be different than a fresh egg, the flavor doesn’t change much. We recommend taking your aging eggs and hard-boiling them or using them to bake. 

Hack 2: There are many tricks for boiling eggs.  But the folks at Serious Eats have done their homework. Trust us (we trust them). Go with a hot start. When hard boiling your eggs, have the water at full boil before dropping them in. Pull them out at 11 minutes for the perfectly done yolk. You can play with timing to get to the level of doneness you like – soft cooked with a slightly runny yolk comes in at about 5-6 minutes.

Fact 2: Yolk color is determined by what the hen eats. Hey, they say you are what you eat eats.  In a hen’s case, the more marigolds the merrier.  Because of their varied natural diet, pasture raised hens tend to have darker, more orange yolks. But remember, these are individual hens laying these eggs so no two yolks are the same. Think of them as delicious, versatile snowflakes…

Hack 3: Like hard boiling, there are lots of hacks to peel an egg (shake it in a jar of water! Add baking soda to the cooking water!). We believe in Shock & Roll! Shocking your hard-boiled eggs in ice water helps stop the cooking process. It also helps loosen the shell, by causing the inner white to quickly contract from the shell. Once cool, rolling the shell on the counter. Rolling your hard-boiled eggs before you peel them loosens up the membrane and shell. Peel them under running water and voila!  Your work will be rewarded with a cleanly peeled nugget of pure goodness.

Fact 3: You m know might know that the difference between brown and white eggs is determined by the kind of hen they come from. But did you know that the shades of the shell vary wildly even when they are from the same type of hen? Take a look the next time you open a carton. In the carton, they all look kind of similar, but if you pick the lightest looking one and darkest looking one and put them next to each other, you’ll begin to appreciate the range of hues. The below picture is from the same flock on the same day:

Hack 4: Like the microwave, the oven is also your friend.  Not only can you “hard cook” an egg, by baking them (at 320 for 30 minutes on a damp kitchen towel, according to Alton Brown), but you can do so much more. Our favorite is the muffin tin: it is especially helpful when you have a group to feed. Plus, it they have 12 cups… it’s like they were made for eggs.  The easiest trick is to heat your oven to 350, spray the tin with cooking spray, crack an egg in each tin, season with salt and pepper and bake for about 17 minutes.  You can even toast some English muffins on the rack below.  Add some cheese or bacon and you have a ready-made egg sandwich fit for the whole crew.

Fact 4: You probably know eggs are full of protein, but did you know they are loaded with Choline too?  What’s choline you ask?  Good question. Choline is a micronutrient that has been recognized as affecting everything from liver disease to neurological development in babies and toddlers. Egg yolks are the most concentrated source of choline in most diets (at 680mg/100g). Something to think about…

Hack 5: Eggs make the world’s fastest pancakes.  The Banana-Egg Pancake is a thing of beautiful simplicity.  Also, it’s delicious. Also, it’s really easy. Simply mash one ripe banana in a bowl, add two whole, fresh eggs and mix thoroughly to combine.  Spray a heated non-stick pan with cooking spray and spread silver dollar sized cakes onto the pan. Cook for about 60 secs per-side and viola. You have pancakes. Cinnamon, vanilla or even chocolate chips can be added to the batter before cooking depending on your preference.

Fact 5: Eggs are great to drink. Seriously, whole classes of cocktails rely on them. Sours, like the Whiskey Sour or the Pisco Sour, and Fizzes, like the Gin Fizz and Americano Fizz, rely on the white and its proteins to create great texture and airiness.  Nogs, like the namesake Egg Nog, use a whole egg and contain additional dairy, while Flips, like the Brandy Flip, use the whole egg but no other dairy (by the way, if you think this is some fancy new cocktail trend, think again – Flips have been around since the days of Moby Dick.).  If you are going to start adding eggs to your cocktails, make sure the egg is super fresh. Also stick to smaller eggs – a standard large egg is usually enough for two drinks.  Now go ahead, add some quality protein to you cocktail: it’s perfect if you want to get ripped while getting ripped (not recommended…).

There you have it, our best of the best. A curated list of the best egg hacks and facts out there from the eggsperts (we earned that pun…). Now go get crackin!



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